qv 3.0 is released


This version improves the info overlay and adds an option -i to set importer hints (as in the tad utility).

qv 2.6 is released


This version speeds up color space conversions and the computation of statistics and histograms by using all CPU cores. Furthermore, usability was improved and a few bugs were fixed. By using libtad 0.6, support for various file formats is improved, and reloading a file works reliably now.
Update: version 2.5 introduced a color conversion bug and was replaced with version 2.6.

qv 2.4 is released


This version improves navigation through many files (thousands are no problem) and optimizes performance. Several bugs were fixed.

qv 2.3 is released


This version allows to manage visualization parameters either per file or globally for all files. More data types are support for sRGB color images (in particular, 16 bit). A few bugs were fixed.

qv 2.2 is released


This version fixes a few bugs and improves the brightness handling for dynamic range reduction (tone mapping).

qv 2.1 is released


This version adds suppor for many more input formats, including frame-by-frame analysis of video files, mainly thanks to improvements in tad 0.3. Additionally, some bugs were fixed.

qv 2.0 is released


This version adds support for very large files by using a quadtree hierarchy. Usability was improved everywhere. Support for simple dynamic range reduction / tone mapping was added.

qv 1.1 is released


This is the first useful release.