Linux: qv is available on Flathub.

Windows: no binaries available at this time; you have to compile the software yourself.

Source Code


qv-5.2.tar.gz (signature) 2024-06-03
qv-5.1.tar.gz (signature) 2022-11-21
qv-5.0.tar.gz (signature) 2022-08-30
qv-4.5.tar.gz (signature) 2022-07-10
qv-4.4.tar.gz (signature) 2022-02-03
qv-4.3.tar.gz (signature) 2021-08-25
qv-4.2.tar.gz (signature) 2021-05-28
qv-4.1.tar.gz (signature) 2021-04-22
qv-4.0.tar.gz (signature) 2020-11-11
qv-3.1.tar.gz (signature) 2020-10-15
qv-3.0.tar.gz (signature) 2019-12-19
qv-2.6.tar.gz (signature) 2019-12-03
qv-2.5.tar.gz (signature) 2019-12-03
qv-2.4.tar.gz (signature) 2019-11-25
qv-2.3.tar.gz (signature) 2019-11-08
qv-2.2.tar.gz (signature) 2019-10-17
qv-2.1.tar.gz (signature) 2019-10-11
qv-2.0.tar.gz (signature) 2019-09-20
qv-1.1.tar.gz (signature) 2019-09-06


The source code is hosted on, see the web frontend.
$ git clone
Qv requires Qt and libtgd. Use CMake to build.

A mirror of the main git repository is available at