About qv

qv (quick view) is a viewer for 2D data such as images, renderings, sensor data, videos etc.

qv shows images and image-like data and provides analysis tools such as statistics, histogram, range selection, dynamic range reduction, and color maps.
It is useful for all kinds of 2D scalar data from sensors, simulation, rendering, or high dynamic range imaging.
Here are some screen shots to demonstrate how it works:

Showing a rendered image with histogram, pixel inspection, and statistics:
qv showing an image

Showing a high dynamic range image with dynamic range reduction (tone mapping), pixel value inspection, and luminance statistics:
qv showing a high dynamic range rendering

Showing a time-of-flight distance image of Tux, taken with a PMD sensor, with displayed range selection (see histogram), pixel value inspection and color map:
qv showing a distance image from a time-of-flight sensor

Showing a SAR amplitude image with dynamic range reduction and a color map (full data: Copyright © European Space Agency):
qv showing a SAR amplitude image with dynamic range reduction

This project uses the MIT license.