this project is now inactive


This project is deprecated and superseded by the tad project.

The main differences are as follows:

So what went wrong with GTA? It ignored two important principles: KISS ("Keep it simple, stupid") and YAGNI ("You aren't gonna need it"). This resulted in unnecessary complexity, most of it just to support features that in the end turned out to be irrelevant. The combined count of C/C++ code lines (excluding comments) of libgta and gtatool is four times higher than the combined count of libtad and tad, while the latter are far more powerful and efficient.

I used libgta/gtatool extensively over the past years and learned a lot while writing them, and the good parts of them ended up in libtad/tad in simplified form, so I don't consider this project to be a waste of time. But in order to keep it that way, it's now time to move on.

libgta 1.2.1 is released!


This fixes building libgta when the compression library headers are not present.

libgta 1.2.0 and gtatool 2.4.0 are released!


The most important change is that builtin compression is now deprecated. It is simply better to use external compression tools on GTA files. So unless you explicitly request it, libgta will be build without compression support. This also means that libgta now does not require other libraries anymore.
This change is also reflected in gtatool and in the file format specification.
Furthermore, it is now recommended to build libgta with CMake instead of the autoconf configure script.

gtatool 2.2.3 is released!


This release fixes a few bugs that were found by the Fedora project, and some additional minor problems.

Source code moved


The source code moved to, see the updated download instructions.

gtatool 2.2.2 is released!


New in gtatool 2.2.2:

libgta 1.0.9 and gtatool 2.2.1 are released!


The new version of libgta just updates the web site and contact information, there were no significant changes.

New in gtatool 2.2.1:

Project moved


After many years, this project moved from Savannah to a self-hosted gitlab instance:

Older news are stored in the news archive.