About tad

Tagged Array Data (TAD) is a library to make working with multidimensional arrays in C++ easy.

For example:
TAD::Array<uint8_t> image({ 640, 480 }, 3);
image[{ x, y }][0] = redValue;
image[{ x, y }][1] = greenValue;
image[{ x, y }][2] = blueValue;
TAD::save(image, "image.png");
Iterators are provided, so you can use STL algorithms on TAD arrays, e.g. std::for_each, std::sort etc. You can also apply custom functions, functors, or lamba expressions to array contents in a single line of code.

The core TAD library is header-only; you just include <tad/array.hpp>. For input and output you can optionally link against libtad. This library supports various file formats including png, jpeg, tiff, exr, hdr, DICOM, hdf5, pdf, pfs, pfm, ppm, fits, CSV, and the native (and therefore very fast) tad format. There is also a command line utility named tad that can convert between the supported file formats, print information about files, and generate diffs.

This project uses the MIT license.