tgd 4.2 is released


This release enables PDF write support and updates the included tinyexr.

tgd 4.1 is released


This release fixed the optional OpenEXR and GTA input/output plugins.

tgd 4.0 is released


With this release, the project is renamed to TGD instead of TAD due to a naming conflict.
Simply replace TAD with TGD in your code; nothing else has changed.
The new version 4.0 brings several updates to work with the latest versions of compilers and external libraries (if any).

tad 2.4 is released


This release adds builtin support for various image formats so that libtad now does not require any external libraries to be fully usable for image and graphics projects.
Furthermore, several bugs were fixed, mainly for video decoding, csv import/export and a few exotic image file formats.

tad 2.3 is released


This release improves the import of video data via FFmpeg. It now supports GPU accelerated decoding while still allowing frame-precise seeking.

tad 2.2 is released


This release adds new options to the tad convert utility.

tad 2.1 is released


This minor release does not change the core library functions, but improves support for the HDF5 file format and adds a copy function to the calc command of the tad utility.

tad 2.0 is released


This release brings the following improvements:

This release is API and ABI compatible to previous 1.x releases.

tad 1.3 is released


This release fixes building without external libraries and improves error reporting.
This release is API and ABI compatible to previous 1.x releases.

tad 1.2 is released


This release contains the following changes:

This release is API and ABI compatible to previous 1.x releases.

tad 1.1 is released


This release fixes a few bugs. Most notably, tad and libtad can be build without any external dependencies. This was always intended but accidentally failed in 1.0.
This release is API and ABI compatible to 1.0.

tad 1.0 is released


Starting with this release, API and ABI compatibility will be guaranteed for each major release series.
This version adds PDF import and new options -i and -o for the tad utility to set importer and exporter hints.

tad 0.6 is released


This release adds CSV import and export, improves FFmpeg support, and fixes several bugs.

tad 0.5 is released


This release improves HDF5 export, supports automatic rotation of JPEG and PNG images, and improves video import via FFmpeg.

tad 0.4 is released


This release fixes several bugs and cleans up some interfaces.

tad 0.3 is released


New in this release:

tad 0.2 is released


This release adds support for TIFF and Matlab .mat import and export, fixes a few bugs, and adds optimizations.

tad 0.1 is released


This is the first useful release.