About QVR

QVR is a library that makes writing Virtual Reality (VR) applications very easy. It is based on Qt and requires no other libraries.

QVR manages all graphics views required for a VR application, based on a configuration for the target VR environment, from multi-node multi-GPU render clusters to head-mounted displays such as the HTC Vive. A simple change of the configuration file makes the same application run on a completely different setup.

The application only needs to implement a single interface with just a few easily understandable functions. All rendering happens in a single OpenGL context so that there are no context switching and sharing issues. Furthermore the application does not need to care about threads, but is still free to implement any threading model.

QVR allows writing VR applications in pure OpenGL as well as using arbitrary external rendering engines. Examples are provided.

Supported VR hardware includes:

Relevant Paper

The following paper describes the original motivation and concept. If you use this software in a research context, please cite it:
M. Lambers: Lowering the entry barrier for students programming Virtual Reality applications. In Eurographics - Education Papers, 2016