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Re: [msmtp-users] msmtp send only blank mails.

Hi Martin

Thx for the fast answer

The problem is that your test mail only consists of one invalid header
line. This header line seems to be ignored by the GMX SMTP server.

A mail consists of header lines, one blank line, and the body of the
mail (which may have more or less arbitrary contents).

Try the following:

echo -e "Subject: Test Mail\n\nXXX" | sendmail malon3@...24...
This test mail has one valid header line ("Subject: Test Mail"), one
blank line, and a mail body containing the line "XXX".
This mail should get through the SMTP server as one would expect (I just
tested it).

This solves the problem :)

But now i stand for the next Problem :(

Aug 13 15:12:01 alpha cron[22037]: (root) CMD (/usr/bin/echo -e "Subject: Test\n\n Bla" ) Aug 13 15:12:01 alpha cron[24689]: (root) MAIL (mailed 21 bytes of output but got status 0x0040 )

My cron daemon (vixie-cron)...can send the messages?
I am wondering about that while i thought that this runs over mailwrapper?

I think theres a problem between the communication between the msmtp and vixie-cron...

I read the manpage from vixie-cron but i cant found everything to set the delievering client or something similar...

I know that is possibly the wrong mailing-list for my problem...but i think everyone here have the same/similar combination runing...

greetz malon3