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Re: [msmtp-users] msmtp send only blank mails.

On Sat, 13. Aug 2005, 10:41:57 +0200, Luca Graf wrote:
> I allready merged mailwrapper...this programm installs only a sendmail 
> 'fake' this sendmail fake is called from the applications like cron to 
> send mails...
> And finally this fake calls the real delivery programm i my case mmstp 
> to send mails?
> Thats correctly?

Yes, as far as I know.

> 2. The main problem:
> When i tried to send a testmail via:
> *Code:*
> echo "Test Mail" | sendmail malon3@...24... <mailto:malon3@...24...>
> A mail to my isp was delievered but without contents i these case 'Test 
> Mail'.

> [...]

> For me looks everthing ok...
> But i only receive blank mails :(
> Somebody knows where i can found my problem?

The problem is that your test mail only consists of one invalid header
line. This header line seems to be ignored by the GMX SMTP server.

A mail consists of header lines, one blank line, and the body of the
mail (which may have more or less arbitrary contents).

Try the following:

echo -e "Subject: Test Mail\n\nXXX" | sendmail malon3@...24... 

This test mail has one valid header line ("Subject: Test Mail"), one
blank line, and a mail body containing the line "XXX".
This mail should get through the SMTP server as one would expect (I just
tested it).