gencolormap 2.3 is released


This release improves integration into desktop environments.

gencolormap 2.2 is released


This release tweaks color space conversions and counts clipped colors more accurately. The default parameters of the Perceptually Uniform (PU) family of methods have been tweaked so that they do not produce clipped colors.

web demo fixed


The web demo was updated to fix the problem that Qt dialogs on WebAssembly do not work as expected.

gencolormap 2.1 is released


This release updates some information and a few links. There are no changes in functionality.

gencolormap 2.0 is released


This release replaces the old perceptually linear methods with new and improved versions, now called perceptually uniform (PU) for consistency with literature. These new methods are described in this new publication:
M. Lambers, Interactive Creation of Perceptually Uniform Color Maps, Proc. EuroVis Short Papers, May 2020 (accepted for publication).
Furthermore, the GUI and the web-based demo were improved.

gencolormap 1.1 is released


This release adds export to JSON format so that the color map can be directly uploaded to The web-based demo can now export to CSV format, at least on Google Chrome.

gencolormap 1.0 is released


This is the first full release. In addition to the source code and binary downloads, a web-based demo is available.