About mappings-sphere-cube

This is source code originally written for the paper
M. Lambers, Survey of Cube Mapping Methods in Interactive Computer Graphics. The Visual Computer (2020). DOI 10.1007/s00371-019-01708-4

All mapping methods are implemented in the included libspherecube library. No external libraries are required.

The evaluation methods are implemented in the analyzer, plotter, and precision-test utilities. The modules pngvis (for analyzer) and pdfplot (for plotter) require Qt.

The file common.hpp defines the list of projections.


The source code is hosted on git.marlam.de, see the web frontend.
$ git clone https://git.marlam.de/git/mappings-sphere-cube.git

A mirror of the main git repository is available at github.com/marlam/mappings-sphere-cube-mirror.


Send mail to Martin Lambers.

You can also use the Github mirror features (issues, comments, pull requests etc) if you prefer.